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Dashie's Puhranormal Activity is a quick 3D comedy/horror game developed for the YouTuber Dashie. (YouTube: DashieGames, DashieXP, DashieXP2).  Originally this was going to be a quick mini game but now I have plans to make it bigger.  

For the demo, a quick little gag objective and ending was created for fun.  This ending will not be in the final game.  

Hope you enjoy.

*WARNING* Contains foul language and flashing lights!



Horror Ambiance Music - Myuu - Phantom - Provided by thedarkpiano.com

Toilet, TV, Patio Furniture, Front Door, Beds, Nightstands, and some materials provided by Unreal Engine Furniture and Starter Pack.

Some sound effects such as the glass shatter, eery noise, and thunder provided by soundbible.com

All other models, architecture, and sounds, including the intro music, created by me. 

*** THE DEMO NEEDS A LOT OF BETA TESTING.  SHOULD YOU ENCOUNTER ANY ISSUES, GLITCHES, BUGS, or if you have any upgrade suggestions, please let me know.  Thank you all! ***


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Version 1

Development log


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Can you add graphic settings ???

It's actually already been added in the next version of the game.  So hopefully I can get another demo out very soon.


When will be the next update ???

Very soon.  I don't have an exact date.  But I've been working hard on it and I'm excited to get another update out to everyone.


I love dashie.....


I had a lot of fun in this game, really well made, funny, and scary!

call me a noob or whatever but at the part where you need to turn off the lights i literally couldn't turn off the bed side lamp.. 11/12 lights.. but seemed to be a okay game until that point.. :/

The bedside lamp doesn't actually get turned off which means you missed one elsewhere.  Most people miss the 1st floor bathroom light.  Don't worry.. this objective isn't in the full version.


good game

Thanks.  Glad you liked it.

If you make a YouTube game play video, be sure to provide the link in the comments below.  I'd like to check them all out!



Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

Yo Jake are you able to upload a mp3 file of the intro song to youtube? It is so good I would love to be able to listen to it anywhere!! Thank you also for making such a wonderful game and it's not even finished yet! Major props to you bro!!

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Glad you're enjoying it all.  Appreciate that.  I put both versions of the intro music on my YouTube channel if you want to listen to them. Jakabry Games YouTube Channel

Thank you!


Oh gooood lets go updated demo!!!!!!

can you make this for mac

Puh-lease make the game for Mac

I can probably export it to Mac but I do not have a Mac to test it.  You'll have to be my beta tester. lol

Man Im down to be your tester and ill send a video of the gameplay

Deleted 156 days ago

Also it would be really cool if you added the killer robot from his skit https://youtu.be/-p__HM3ktvY

It's December 22nd

It's uploading now.  I ran out of time to fully beta test so let me know if you encounter any problems.  Thanks!

is it coming out later today? like you said 12/22

It's uploading now.  I ran out of time to fully beta test so let me know if you encounter any problems.  Thanks!


Okay I don’t want you to think I’m a hater but I originally wanted to make a horror game for dashie too and my idea happened to be just like this and now I’m extremely jealous because I don’t have a computer to make any type of horror game so I know it’s never gonna happen but good for you


As soon as this game comes out, i'm going to record it, but ill have to BLUR some things out, because i'm kinda a friendly channel :)

where's the download?

May be your are late and they removed it :) 

There were a few bugs and glitches in the demo I wanted to correct.  I also wanted to update some of the game play mechanics and checkpoints.  I temporarily removed the link until the new demo is uploaded.  The majority of the updates are completed and I'm hoping to have the updated demo ready to download by this Sunday 12/22.  Thanks for your interest in trying it out.

yeah of course thank you for letting me know what was wrong i appreciate it.


i was recording the video of this game and there is a bug in the begin that you can finish the game without doing anything and he saw that video and responded with that he will released a fixed version so i believe thats why the game download link is deleted don't worry he will upload the fixed one soon :)

Bingo.  Lol.  That issue was corrected as well as a few other annoyances such as the 'shaking' that happens if you collide with a drawer / cabinet door when it is opening.  Fixed an issue with the ramen noodles not rotating properly.   Added a few new Dashie themed props and updated some of the game play mechanics.


can't wait to play more of this i did manage to beat the game legit this time i did broke the game again in the begin lol but yeah recording this game is hella fun so keep up the amazing work bc this game is legendary :D



I just want to say one word for this game AMAZING. Really Like this game its funny but at some points there are couple of mini jumpscares also. Please continues this project can't wait to see more :)) Rated 5 out of 5.

Thanks for playing it and providing your feedback.  I appreciate it.  I will indeed continue this project!

Thanks A lot :)